The 7 Free Money Manager App List: 2022

Are you looking for free money manager apps? Check out our list of the best money management apps that are free to use.

Efficient personal finance management begins with financial planning. A reasonable budget, clearly stated financial goals, and real-time tracking are the three key components.

The proper actions may be taken at the right time with the support of real-time tracking and a budget, which both help you stay dedicated to your financial goal. But managing money is easier than it sounds. Real-time tracking and budgeting can be difficult, costing a lot of time and effort. However, money management applications can be useful. You may manage your money and personal finances more successfully with the help of these apps.

The 7 Free Money Manager App List: 2022

Check out the list below to find the best free money management app for you:

1. Mint: The Best Free Money Manager App


Mint is a free financial planning application that makes managing and saving money simple. This smartphone software, created by Intuit, Inc., is a budgeting tool that enables users to manage and keep track of their spending. Budgets and savings targets for each category can be established as well.

Customers of the Mint budgeting app may see a detailed picture of their financial situation and total debt within the app thanks to connections with their financial accounts. It’s helpful since it can help you become more financially literate while also teaching you how to save money more wisely.

To access the features of the app, you must download it and create an account. Then you may create a monthly total budget, group expenses into different categories, keep track of your spending and check your credit score.

With Mint, you can set bill reminders and receive alerts when you go over your predetermined spending limit, incur late fees, or when a bill is about to become due. Goal-setting features are also included in this budget app so you may create financial objectives and monitor your progress.

For Mint, there are no premium plans or upgrade choices. Instead, you can utilize every feature for nothing.


  • Bill payment tracker.
  • Budgeting goal tracker.
  • Free credit score.
  • Budget alerts.
  • Categorize bank transactions
  • Investment tracker.
  • Safety & security.

2. Prism: The Best Free Money Manager App


Prism bills itself as a “free app that helps in improving financial management.” Like Mint and Personal Capital, it functions as a monetary aggregator, except it collects income and expenses rather than bank and investment accounts. To link through the application, use the search option to choose one of the 11,000 entities that Prism accepts for bill payments. After that, enter your login, password, and PIN. This provides Prism with up-to-date data on all of your invoices, ensuring that you always see accurate information.

You can ask for the addition of any of your invoices if Prism’s list of 11,000 creditors does not already include them. To remind you to complete manual payments in the interim, you’ll get a notification for the bill.

You link directly your bank accounts in the same manner as Prism since it requires access to any funds you want to use to settle your payments. No payment will come as a surprise because we give you notices and warnings before each bill’s due date. You won’t have to pay late payments as long as you keep attention to those notifications.

Prism even notifies you when a bill’s total exceeds its average as a bonus. For instance, if your typical water bill payment is $40 but it is $170 the following month, Prism will notify you of the strange change and provide you the chance to phone the water company and inquire. Even billers make errors, so you have the opportunity to detect them before you lose out on the additional funds.


  • Bill-tracking.
  • All income and expenses are assembled 
  • Prism pulls information
  • Account syncing.
  • Choose your bill payment source.
  • Choose your bill payment date
  • Payment cancellation. 
  • Billers are listed in the system.

3. Twine: The Best Free Money Manager App

With the help of the John Hancock-powered mobile app Twine, you can access both a cash savings account and an investing account, depending on your interests and financial objectives. With the help of this software, you may specify your financial objectives for savings and investments and enable automatic transfers to help you reach them.

Joint objectives guided the development of this application. You can collaborate with a spouse or other partner to save money for goals even though each individual has their account. Given that the majority of automated savings apps only support one user, that makes it a unique function in the market today.

For those who are just starting to save, twine is the greatest option. There are very few, if any, startup charges because the savings function is free, and investing has no minimum fee.

The option to save together for a goal is one of the nicest aspects. This program makes it incredibly simple to save money if you and your significant other are doing so for a wedding, a down payment on a home, or a significant trip. Automatic savings guidelines that benefit both you and your buddy can be added.


  • Loan Management
  • Notifications
  • Transaction History
  • Spending Limit
  • Spend Tracker

4. Splitwise: The Best Free Money Manager App


With the help of the free Splitwise application, users may split costs with pals. If a group has to split a specific bill’s cost, Splitwise makes sure that everyone who pays is refunded in full and with the fewest possible transactions. When a bill is due, users of Splitwise can send an email reminder, and the app also lets users send an IOU to a member of the group.

The software is advertised as a way to manage unofficial debts such as rent, meal and travel costs, bills, and more. Splitwise users make notes on who owes them, who they owe, and why into the application. Since a user may add any charge to the application when the cost is incurred, this service does away with the need to keep receipts.

Customers can use online payment systems like Paypal and Venmo to make payments even though Splitwise is solely an IOU app that handles digital transactions rather than monetary ones. For particular debit card and credit card purchases, the service levies fees.

The cost of Splitwise Pro, a paid upgrade to current Splitwise accounts that costs about $3 per month, might vary monthly or annually based on the country, the date the account was created, local taxes and restrictions, and other factors. Reduced ads, a service for scanning and itemising receipts, expense search, early access to new services, currency conversion, and more are all available to pro users.


  • Improvements to Splitwise Notifications
  • Introducing Settle Up 
  • New “Divide A Bill”
  • See all debts at once.

5. Digit: The Best Free Money Manager App


Digit is a useful tool for determining how much you can manage to save and for assisting you in taking action. If you want to start investing or saving money but a) don’t know where to begin, or b) would not want to spend the time or effort determining how much you can afford to save, you could find the app useful.

If you already save but think your budget would allow you to save more, Digit might also appeal to you. Digit analyses your bank account balance every day to calculate how much you can save, allowing you to accumulate more savings than you otherwise would have. Your savings balance’s APY is also relatively modest, and you might make a lot more money by opening an online high-yield savings account. However, if your main objective is to maximize your automatic savings, you might decide that downloading Digit is worthwhile despite the drawbacks.

Digit allows you to save money in three different types of accounts: retirement, investment, and savings. Whether you create one account or all three, the first 30 days are cost-free, after which you’ll have to pay $5 each month.

Digit checks the associated bank account every day to determine your balance and spending patterns. The money you can afford to save is then automatically taken out and deposited into a Digit account. You can specify how your funds should be distributed among your savings, investment, and retirement funds on the application.


  • No ATM fees 
  • No overdraft fees
  • FDIC-insurance up to $250,000
  • Instant transfers 

6. Wally: The Best Free Money Manager App


Wally is a budgeting tool that can assist you in keeping track of your bank accounts, credit cards, and expenditures so that you are aware of exactly how much you can spend on the shopping trip you’re planning for the following week.

Wally offers one of the most practical ways to monitor your income, establish savings goals, calculate spending, and scan receipts directly through this app. Wally Lite – Personal Finance promises to keep you going forward and get you off to a convenient start.

Wally’s user interface is straightforward to use, which makes creating a budget and recording costs uncomplicated. The software offers a lot of functions without taking up the entire screen. The software categorizes your purchases and displays graphs that indicate where your money is going. The features of the app are intuitive and straightforward to use.


  • DVR Upgrade Expansion.
  • USB WiFi Adapter.
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter. 
  • DISH Wally Remote.
  • Bluetooth Headphones. 
  • OTA Tuner.

7. You Need A Budget: The Best Free Money Manager App 

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is another popular money management app on the list. Every dollar you earn should be used, whether it goes toward spending, debt repayment, or increasing your savings, according to YNAB. This zero-based budgeting strategy will lead to less money being squandered and more money being saved.

Several other budgeting applications just notify you after you’ve spent more money than you had planned. YNAB shows you how to take charge right away by helping you create a monthly spending plan. In this manner, you are aware of whether you have enough money to cover each category of spending or not. This reduces impulse purchases for many users.


  • Connect to Your Bank 
  • Real-Time Sync 
  • Goal Tracking 
  • Loan Calculator
  • Spending & Net Worth Reports 

The Bottom Line

Your financial strategy can be enhanced with the help of a financial management application. The ability to keep to your budget is the instant benefit of using a financial planning tool. You may daily monitor your expenditures and manage your cash flow, which will help you get closer to your financial objectives.